Sidebar    Degree Requirements

Coursework element

The research degree programme includes an element of coursework in the same or related fields. This provides a graduate-level foundation and prepares the student for research. The coursework component for EngD students comprises not less than 32 MCs (typically eight graduate modules), of which at least 50% must be modules on Management of Technology/Business/Industrial Engineering modules. Students of some departments may be required to read additional modules.

There is a compulsory ES5101 Technical Communication for Engineers to be taken and passed.

Graduate Seminar

To cultivate a strong research culture among graduate students, the required coursework includes “Graduate seminar” in which faculty members, graduate students and visitors present current research.  All research students are also expected to obtain a satisfactory grade for the Graduate Seminar module.

 EngD Qualifying Examination

A doctoral candidate must complete a prescribed set of modules before proceeding to the Qualifying examination (QE). The QE comprises a comprehensive examination and a presentation of the thesis proposal. The comprehensive examination tests the general competence of the candidate in his/her discipline(s), while the presentation ensures that the candidate is prepared to embark on his/her thesis research. The QE should usually be taken 12 to 24 months from the start of the doctoral candidature.

Doctoral students are expected to pass both the comprehensive and oral examinations.

Thesis component

The EngD programme requires a 40,000 word thesis. The thesis is not measured by MCs. The thesis will be examined by internal/external examiners.

Oral Defence Examination

Doctoral candidates are required to undergo and pass an oral examination before a panel chaired by the candidates’ Head of Department and two examiners of the EngD thesis. Doctoral students are required to pass their oral defence thesis examination before they are conferred their doctoral degree.