Sidebar    Degree Requirements

Coursework element

The prevailing requirements for coursework/education plan for each student of each university shall apply. Candidates would spend at least 2 semesters of their candidature each at NUS and their respective IIT, either reading modules and/or undertaken research. Candidates would spend their final semester of study at their home university.

Joint Supervision

Candidates will be jointly supervised by faculty members from NUS and the IIT.

Oral Defence Examination

The Oral Defence of the thesis would be conducted at the home university with a possible teleconferencing link to the examiner(s) at the partner university. The Oral Defence examiners will comprise examiners of the thesis, mutually agreed by both the home and the partner universities.


Conferment of the joint degree will be by the candidate’s home university. Only one certificate is awarded jointly by both universities. The degree awarded to all successful candidates is identical except that a candidate may use the title of either PhD (NUS-IIT) or PhD (IIT-NUS) with his/her home university mentioned first.