Sidebar    Overview

Engineering systems is an important new field of study focusing on the complex engineering systems in a broad human, societal and industrial context. It takes an integrative holistic view of large-scale, complex, technologically enabled systems which have significant enterprise level interactions and socio-technical interfaces. The establishment of this new field has been a significant step toward evolving the holistic engineering management science needed to address the complex systems challenges of this century.

The Faculty of Engineering launched the Engineering Systems Initiative (ESI) in January 2005. A major objective of this initiative is to ensure that the knowledge and expertise in engineering and architecting large-scale systems are crystallised into a discipline which can be ported, taught and adapted for the ongoing challenges, and improved by further systematic research. The expertise to understand, analyse and build large-scale systems calls upon the highest level of integration of core engineering competencies with social, economic and policy considerations. The ESI task force proposed a strategic plan to develop a system for training and improving the expertise needed within Singapore to build complex engineering systems. This proposal for a graduate education programme in ‘Systems Design and Management’ is one of the key elements of that plan.