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Master of Science (Supply Chain Management) is hosted by the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering & Management (ISEM), Faculty of Engineering jointly with The Logistics Institute- Asia Pacific (TLI-AP) and Department of Analytics & Operations (DAO) from NUS Business School.
It is a well-structured integrated multi-disciplinary programme which combines topics from business and engineering and is ideal for mid-career professionals who are keen to advance their career in supply chain management. The programme will be complemented by site visits to logistics and manufacturing companies, and the country’s ports. Expert industry speakers in supply chain management and logistics will be invited to share their best practices.

The programme comprises a comprehensive skill-set for planning and operating modern supply chains in Asia with a global context so that graduates from this programme will be able to assume positions as logistics executives, supply chain analysts and manufacturing planners.
Expected learning outcomes include
(a) a comprehensive understanding of supply chain management that covers planning, design and operations
(b) exposure to current issues in the wider context of supply chain management and developments in Asia
(c) in-depth application of theory to solve real-world problems with business analytics methodologies such as optimisation, simulation, data analysis, economic analysis and information technology.
The programme is offered on both part-time and full-time bases.