Sidebar    Degree Requirements

To graduate with an MSc (SCM) degree, a student is required to pass the examinations for 9 modules equivalent to 40 modular credits (MCs). There are 4 core modules and 5 elective modules (selected from a list of 12 elective modules).
For full-time course of study, a student must achieve a minimum Cumulative Average Point (CAP) of 3.00 for all the 40 MCs (inclusive of the core modules, where required) within a specified maximum period of his/her candidature of 2 years.
The 4 core modules must include DSC 5211A (4MCs), IE5105 (4MCs), LI 5001 (8MCs) and LI 5101 (4MCs).
The remaining 20 MCs would come from any 5 elective modules listed in the MSc (SCM) programme structure.
To strive for a good balance between industrial relevance and methodological competency, students will be required to study at least one elective module from each of the two elective groups under ISE and Decision Sciences respectively.

The graduate modules offered in the MSc (SCM) programme are listed below. Not all elective modules listed are necessarily available in any one year. Unless indicated otherwise, all listed modules are 4MCs each.

For more details on modules offered, please visit:

Modules in Master of Science (Supply Chain Management)

4 CORE Modules (Compulsory):

DSC 5211A Supply Chain Coordination and Risk Management
IE5105  Introduction to Supply Chain Systems
LI 5001  Research Project (8MCs)
LI 5101  Supply Chain Management Thinking and Practice

Elective Modules (Choose 5):
Set 1 – ISE (Choose at least 1 module)
IE5001  Operations Planning and Control I*
IE5004  Engineering Probability and Simulation
IE5107  Material Flow Systems
IE5108  Facility Layout and Location
IE5205   Healthcare System and Analytics
IE5504  Systems Modelling and Advanced Simulation

Set 2 – Decision Sciences (Choose at least 1 module)
BDC5101  Deterministic Operations Research Models*
DSC4215   Supply Chain Visualization & Actionable Intelligence
DSC5211B  Analytical Tools for Consulting
DSC5211C  Quantitative Risk Management

Set 3 – Others
LI5201  Special Topics in Logistics
LI5202  Supply Chain Management Strategies and Case Studies

Graduating students may register for the Research Project module (LI5001) only after they have completed 16 modular credits of coursework in this programme.

Students are advised to take note of pre-requisite and preclusion requirements in their consideration of enrolling for elective modules.

Pre-requisite :
* IE5108 has a pre-requisite of IE5001
* DSC5211C has a pre-requisite of DSC5211B

*IE5001 and BDC5101 are mutually exclusive.