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Management of Technology (MOT) is about the effective anticipation, creation, and use of technology to innovate products and processes to accomplish the strategic and operational objectives of an organization. The need for training at the postgraduate level in Management of Technology (MOT) has been recognised by top universities around the world. The Master of Science (Management of Technology) programme is designed to provide scientists, engineers, and technology professionals the fundamental knowledge of innovation and technology management. The topics covered include the types of innovation, the evolution of technology, technology forecasting, management of intellectual property, new product development, human aspects of innovation management, and many more.

For careers in industrial R&D sectors, the MSc MOT will prepare you to be a proactive member of the R&D team and accelerate your development as an effective manager. For non-R&D careers such as design, manufacturing, marketing, corporate planning, logistics, technology transfer, the MSc MOT will prepare students to be a future leader in a technology-intensive organization and open your door to new opportunities. For budding entrepreneurs, you will be able to learn new venture creation and technology strategies.

A student may choose to graduate with ONE of the following:

  • MSc (Management of Technology) ; or
  • MSc (Management of Technology) with specialization in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (offered from Semester 1, AY2014/2015)