Sidebar    Degree Requirements

A full-time or part-time candidate for the degree of MSc (IP Management) must successfully complete a programme of study consisting of the following two key components:

Part 1 – Graduate Certificate of Intellectual Property Law (GCIP) Programme: (IP Law)*
Part 2 – Management of Technology (MOT) Programme, 20 MCs

For graduation:

  1. Must successfully complete the GCIP programme with a minimum satisfactory performance level
  2. For the MOT programme, must obtain a minimum CAP of 3.00 (B-) for the best modules equivalent to 20 MCs

Students may be allowed to take more than 20 MCs only if at the point of request to take more modules, the student has less than 20 MCs or his CAP is less than 3.00. In general, all students are expected to graduate after obtaining 20 MCs and achieving a CAP of at least 3.00.

*As GCIP has ceased admitting new students starting from AY2018/2019, the MSc IPM programme will only consider applicants who have graduated with GCIP. 


Part 1 – IP Law: GCIP programme (ceased with effect from AY2018/2019)
Candidates have to take all the modules in this list, which will be equivalent to 20 MCs. All these modules provide detailed coverage of the relevant laws of Singapore. However, all these matters are placed in their international context and reference is made, as appropriate, to the comparable laws, in particular of the United States and the European Union and, selectively and where appropriate, with other countries if visiting speakers are available.

  • Introduction to Law
  • The Law of Trade Marks and Unfair Competition
  • The Law of Copyright and Design
  • The Law of Patents and Trade Secrets
  • Special Topics

Part 2 – MOT modules
Students will have to complete a programme of study consisting of 20 MCs, selected from the following MOT modules (4 MCs each unless otherwise stated).
MT5001                       IP Management
MT5002                       Management of Industrial R&D
MT5003                       Creativity and Innovation
MT5006                       Strategic and New Product Development; (or IE5211 New Product Management)
MT5007/BMA5115    Management of Technological Innovation
MT5008/BMA5404   Corporate Entrepreneurship
MT5009                       Analyzing Hi-Technology Opportunities
MT5010                       Technology Intelligence & IP Strategy
MT5011                       Finance for Engineering & Technology Management
MT5012                       Marketing of High-Tech Products & Innovations
MT5016                       Business Models for Hi-Tech Products
MT5018                       Managing and Organizing Open Innovation
MT5020                      Managing the Human Elements of Technology Management
MT6001                       Research in Technology and Innovation Management
SDM5003                    Knowledge Management
SDM5004                    Systems Engineering Project Management; (or IE5208 Systems Approach to Project Management)
MT5900                       MOT Project (8 MCs)

Subject to the approval of the Programme Manager for MSc (IP Management), students may be allowed to take up 4 MCs outside this list.