Sidebar    Degree Requirements

To qualify for the MSc (HEWRM) degree, a candidate must successfully complete a programme of study consisting of at least 40 Modular Credits (MCs). At least 30 MCs must be at graduate level within the subject or in related disciplines.

The core requirements in total are worth 28 MCs, of which 20 MCs are in the form of core modules, while the remaining 8 MCs are in the form of an MSc project for which students will work on innovative research in the HEWRM field. The remaining 12 MCs will be obtained from elective modules.

In addition, a student must obtain a minimum Cumulative Point Average (CAP) of 3.00 (equivalent to an average of Grade B-) for the best modules equivalent to 40 MCs (inclusive of core modules, where required). Furthermore, the grade point obtained for each of the 6 core modules must be at least 2.5 (equivalent to Grade C+). If this is not met, a student is allowed to re-take once, up to 2 core modules within the given programme time frame. The better grade will be used to compute the CAP.

Core Modules
Each modules is 4 MCs unless otherwise specified

CE5307A*    Wave Hydrodynamics and Physical Oceanography (2 MCs)
CE5307B*   Hydrodynamic Loads on Offshore Structures (2 MCs)
CE5307C*   Finite Amplitude Wave Theories & Their Applications (2 MCs)
CE5308    Coastal Processes and Sediment Transport
CE5310    Hydroinformatics
CE5377    Numerical Methods in Mechanics & Envr. Flows
CE5312    River Mechanics
CE5314    HEWRM Project
* Students are to select either a combination of CE5307A & CE5307B, or a combination of CE5307A & CE5307C.
If a student is keen to take all 3 modules of this series, one of them will be considered as an elective.

Elective Modules

CE5313    Groundwater Hydrology
CE5603    Engineering Economics and Project Evaluation
CE5883A Topics in Hydraulic & Water Resources – Environmental Hydraulics
OT5203    Design of Floating Structures
OT5204    Offshore Moorings and Risers
ESE5601  Environmental Risk Assessment
ESE5602  Environmental Management Systems
ESE5405  Water Treatment Processes
ESE5901  Environmental Technology
IE5203    Decision Analysis
PP5257    Water Policy and Governance
PP5294    Dynamic Modelling of Public Policy Systems