Sidebar    Degree Requirements

The graduation requirements include obtaining a minimum Cumulative Average Point (CAP) of 3.00 (equivalent to an average of Grade B-) for the best 40 Modular Credits (MCs), inclusive of core modules. Of the 40 MCs, all must be at graduate level and at least 30 MCs must be within the subject or in a related discipline, the remaining credits may be from other disciplines as approved by the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. Students are not allowed to take a module which they have previously taken and counted towards a different degree programme without prior permission from the Head of Department.

Core Modules
ESE5001    Environmental Engineering Principles

Electives Modules for MSc (Environmental Engineering)

ESE5002 Physical and Process Principles
ESE5003 Environmental Chemical Principles
ESE5004 Research Project
ESE5201 Combustion Pollution Control
ESE5202 Air Pollution Control Technology
ESE5203 Aerosol Science and Technology
ESE5204 Toxic & Hazardous Waste Management
ESE5205 Sludge and Solid Waste Management
ESE5301 Environmental Biological Principles
ESE5401 Water Quality Management
ESE5402 Industrial Wastewater Control
ESE5403 Water Reclamation & Reuse
ESE5404 Biological Treatment Processes
ESE5405 Water Treatment Processes
ESE5406 Membrane Treatment Processes and Modelling
ESE5407 Membrane Technology for Water Management
ESE5601 Environmental Risk Assessment
ESE5602 Environmental Management Systems
ESE5607 Green Catalysis
ESE5608 Heavy Metals in the Environment
ESE5901 Environmental Technology (restricted module)
ESE6001 Environmental Fate of Organic Contaminants
ESE6301 Topics in Environmental Biotechnology
ESE6401 Advanced Biological Treatment Processes
ESE6403 Topics in Membrane Purification

Note that all required modules can be from Environmental Engineering Programme but a maximum of two modules of the ten required modules may be from other Department/Faculties, including the following modules (subject to approval of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering):
DE5107     Environmental Planning
GE6211     Spatial Data Processing
LX5103     Environmental Law
PP5227     Environmental Policy and Nature Resource Management
SH5101     Industrial Toxicology
SH5104     Occupational Health

Note: Not all modules listed are necessarily available in any one year. All modules listed are of 4 MCs each.