2.4.1    Student Exchange Programme

Students may apply for the Student Exchange Programme (SEP) in which they spend a period of time (a maximum of two semesters) abroad pursuing courses that complement their work at NUS. The choice of modules is subject to approval by the Head of Department or designate and the length of study is subject to approval by the Dean or designate.

Students in the SEP are granted credit transfer but not grade transfer for modules that are graded with a satisfactory pass and that have been approved as equivalent NUS modules by the Head of Department or designate.

Students intending to participate in SEP should be aware of the following policies and rules:

  1. Minimum Residency requirements – must complete at least 50% of required MCs for the degree programme with modules read at NUS.
  2. Modules read at NUS include all modules taught, co-taught, supervised or co-supervised by one or more NUS faculty members. These MCs must be earned from graded modules with assigned grade points or modules with an ‘S’ or ‘CS’ grade.
  3. Credit transfer can be done as long as students pass and receive credits for the courses read. This is applicable to both courses read on a graded basis and/or pass/fail basis.
  4. A minimum of 60% of the Programme/Major must be read at NUS.
  5. A maximum of 8 MCs of Minor modules may be read on SEP to fulfil Minor requirements.
  6. If the maximum MC to be excluded from CAP has been exceeded, students will have to make up by reading graded modules required for graduation.
  7. Students admitted under the Mother Tongue Bonus Point Scheme (MTBP) may read modules while on SEP to fulfil MTBP requirements, under the following conditions:
    1. The SEP must be recognised by FASS and NUS;
    2. The module(s) read on SEP must be taught in the relevant mother tongue;
    3. Module(s) read on SEP must be on graded basis and not on a pass/fail basis at the partner university. If the module is not offered on a graded basis, credits will not be transferred and cannot be used to fulfil the MTBP requirements; and d. A maximum of 16 MCs of modules read on SEP may be used to fulfil the MTBP requirements. However, a maximum of 8 MCs may be used to fulfil the Minor requirements.