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With almost every aspect of our lives being influenced by interactive media, it is increasingly important for students from all backgrounds to be aware of how these new technologies are designed and developed. The interdisciplinary Minor in Interactive Media Development, open to students from any NUS faculty or discipline, is designed to support this need by providing an introduction to the theory and practice of interactive media development.

For Communication and New Media students, the Minor provides an opportunity for students to take a selected group of relevant Computer Science (CS) modules in a structured manner. These modules provide exposure to media production, media technology, and human computer interaction. Similarly, for Computer Science students, the Minor provides a structured way for students to take a selection of Communications and New Media (NM) modules related to game design, interactive art and entertainment, and interaction design. For other students, the Minor provides a chance for students who are interested in interactive media design and development to take a sampling of both CNM and CS modules, all of which are chosen to provide insight into the interactive media development process.


Programme Requirements
Pass at least 24 MCs of modules, which include the following:

  1. a minimum of 8 MCs from NM module list
  2. a minimum of 8 MCs from CS module list

A maximum of 8 MCs from the minor can be used to satisfy the requirements of a major or another minor.

NM Module List:
NM2212 Visual Design
NM2213 Introduction to Human-computer Interaction Design
NM2216 User Centred Design Methodologies
NM3209 Designing for Interactivity
NM3221 Mobile Interaction Design
NM3222 Interactive Storytelling
NM3226 Location-based interactive experiences
NM3227 Critical Game Design
NM3228 Interactive Sequential Art
NM3229 Data Visualization
NM3231 Physical Interaction Design
NM4210 User Experience Design
NM4224 Sound and Interaction
NM4226 Interactive Media Design Capstone Project

CS Module List:
CS2010 Data Structures and Algorithms II
CS3240 Interaction Design
CS3343 Digital Media Production
CS3283 Media Technology Project I
CS3882 Breakthrough Ideas for Digital Market
CS4249 Phenomena and Theories of Human-Computer Interaction
CS4340 Digital Special Effects

Please refer to the departmental website for further details.