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Gender Studies is now a widely recognised interdisciplinary field of enquiry in the humanities and social sciences. The reason that this field has become prominent over the past thirty to forty years is closely tied to social changes in industrialised countries. The Minor in Gender Studies aims to develop both conceptual knowledge and key abilities as a foundation for systematic inquiry into gender-related matters. Conceptually, these modules help students to build up a nuanced understanding, from different disciplinary perspectives, of the ways in which gender exerts far-reaching impact on everyday encounters and lived realities. Students who have undergone this programme are expected to be able to critically evaluate the merits of alternative interpretations by building arguments for or against particular explanations.

Programme Requirements

Requirements for Cohort 2010 and After:

Pass at least 24 MCs of Gender Studies minor modules: which include the following:

  1. SC2220 Gender Studies (Essential module)
  2. A minimum of two modules (8 MCs) at level-3000.
  3. A minimum of three modules (12 MCs) from the CORE track.
  4. Students are limited to taking a maximum of three modules from a single department (outside the student’s major).

Elective Modules

SC2220 Gender Studies
MODULES (Core Track)
JS2228 Gender and Sexuality in Japan
SN2234 Gender and Society in South Asia
AS3213 American Law: Language and Gender
EN3244 Gender and Literature
EN3245 Feminism: Text & Theory
GE3206 Gender, Space & Place
HY3245 Engendering History/Historicising Gender
MS3216 Gender in Malay Societies
PH3217 Women in Philosophy
PS3237 Women and Politics
SC3219 Sexuality in Comparative Perspective
SE3222 Gender in Southeast Asia
SW3206 Gender Issues in Social Work Practice
JS3230 Men and Women in Modern Japanese Literature
USP3501 The Problematic Concept of ‘Gender’
MODULES (Complementary Track)
GEK2022 or GEH1014 Samurai, Geisha, Yakuza as Self or Other
MS2213 Malay Families and Households
SC2205 Sociology of the Family
GE3241 Geographies of Social Life
JS3216 Japanese Film and Literature
EN4226 English Women Novelists 1800-1900
PS4883A Topics in PT: Orientalism and Femininity
EL4253 Language, Gender and Text

Note 1:
GE3214 Geographies of Social Life was previously GE2224 Geographies of Social Life

A maximum of 8 MCs from the minor can be used to satisfy the requirements of a major or another minor.

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