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Minor in Aquatic Ecology aims to expose students to the important disciplines of marine and freshwater ecological studies while developing relevant specific skills, knowledge, and experience among them. With the increasing governmental, private, and societal interest in aquatic sciences, there is a growing demand for manpower with expertise in freshwater and/or marine ecology. This Minor complements aptly the primary disciplines of students from the Life Sciences Major and Geography Major. It will also enhance the training for students keen on related career opportunities at relevant governmental and private institutions in Singapore, including Public Utilities Board (PUB), National Environment Agency (NEA), National Parks Board (NParks), The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), Tropical Marine Science Institute (TMSI), DHI Group, and Singapore-Delft Water Alliance (SDWA).

Programme Requirements

Pass at least 24 MCs of modules which include the following:
A minimum of 16 MCs from the core modules.
A minimum of 8 MCs from the electives.

Note 1:
This Minor is open to undergraduate students from all disciplines. Application is required and successful entry to Aquatic Ecology Minor is subjected to Department of Biological Science approval.

Note 2:
The application form for Minor in Life Sciences is available at :


Core Modules
LSM1103 Biodiversity
LSM2251 Ecology and Environment
GE2229 Water and Environment
SP3202 Aquatic Ecology Research
Elective Modules
GE2215 Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing
GE2220 Terrestrial and Coastal Environments
GE2228 Weather and Climate
GE3216 Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing
GE3221 Ecological Systems
GE3223 Environmental Change in the Tropics
GEK1543 Chemistry of the Ocean
LSM3254 Ecology of Aquatic Environments
LSM3264 Environmental Biochemistry
LSM4261 Marine Biology
LSM4264 Freshwater Biology
LSM4266 Topics in Aquatic Biodiversity


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