2.3.1    Minor Programmes

Students may plan their degree so that it includes a designated minor. A multidisciplinary minor is a programme of study consisting of 24 MCs which may be offered solely by a department, across several departments or several faculties. A student may use, partially or wholly, the MCs under the Unrestricted Electives (outside the major) requirement to satisfy the minor requirements. Minors are offered by FASS as well as other faculties.

Currently, in addition to the subject minors, the multi-disciplinary minors offered by FASS are: Aquatic Ecology, China Studies, Cultural Studies, English Studies, Film Production, Film Studies, Gender Studies, Geographical Information Systems, Geosciences, Health and Social Sciences, Interactive Media Development, Religious Studies, Science, Technology and Society and Urban Studies.

For specific guidelines governing Minor Programmes offered by FASS, please refer to