Sidebar    American Studies

The American Studies Programme is committed to cross-departmental studies, and has two main aims: (i) to promote the understanding and scholarly study of American thought and American business, economic, political, social and cultural practices; and (ii) to develop the use of cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary undergraduate studies to further these aims. The programme emphasises interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to the study of American society and culture. Modules examine U.S. geography, politics, law, business, and economics, and various areas of cultural production, such as literature and film. The modules are designed to provide background and analysis for graduates who envision careers in a variety of international fields in which knowledge of the United States is requisite.

Entry Requirements

Students wishing to read American Studies should have obtained a good pass in the General Paper of the Singapore GCE ‘A’ Level(s) examination. Modules are open to students from all disciplines. There are no prerequisites but students are encouraged to read modules from the lower levels first before progressing to higher level and more specialised ones.

Subject Requirements

Currently, American Studies is not offered as a major programme and all modules can be taken as non-major electives.

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