Sidebar    BA (Hons) or BSocSci (Hons) degree

To graduate with a BA (Hons) or BSocSci (Hons) degree, FASS students must have:

  1. Fulfilled the requirements specified in Table 1 and obtained the minimum MCs required for the relevant degree.
  2. Obtained a minimum CAP of 3.00 for the award of an Honours degree. (Refer to Table 2)

Completed the BA (Hons)/BSocSci (Hons) degree within a maximum of ten semesters, unless otherwise approved by the University.

Table 1: Graduation Requirements for FASS BA (Hons) or BSocSci (Hons) degree with Single Major

General Education
(1)   General Education modules 20 12.5
(2)   Faculty Core modules 20 12.5
    i) Exposure modules 12
   ii) Writing, Expression and Communication (WEC) modules
  • FAS1101 Writing Academically: Arts and Social Sciences or Freshman Seminar (FMA)
  • FAS1103 Effective Workplace Communication
  • CFG1002 Career Catalyst
(3)   Single Major* 84 52.5
Unrestricted Electives
(4)   Unrestricted elective modules
(a minimum of 28 MCs must be outside student’s major, remaining 8 MCs can be within or outside the major)
36 22.5
                                                  Total 160 100

* Students must earn the stipulated minimum number of MCs from level-3000 and level-4000 modules of their major. The Faculty requires students to earn a minimum of 20 MCs from level-3000 modules and a minimum of 40 MCs from level-4000 modules or higher in their major. However, for both levels, some majors may stipulate a higher number for their minimum. Students may be allowed, in lieu of their level-4000 modules, a maximum of two level-5000 modules (subject to the department’s approval and module pre-requisites, if any,) to fulfil graduation requirements. Students should take note that level-5000 FASS modules offered to undergraduates will be worth 5 MCs each. The level-5000 module codes for undergraduates will have the suffix ‘R’ (for example: EC5555R). Some departments as a matter of policy do not allow undergraduates to read their graduate modules. Level-5000 Independent Studies Modules (ISMs) or level-6000 modules (including ISMs) will not be open to undergraduates. Please refer to the requirements specified by the department/programme for each subject.

Table 2: Award for Honours

BA (Hons) or BSocSci (Hons) degree

Honours (Highest Distinction) 4.50 & above, plus pass* the Honours Thesis (HT)
Honours (Distinction) 4.00 – 4.49
Honours (Merit) 3.50 – 3.99
Honours 3.00 – 3.49
Pass (B.A.) 2.00 – 2.99

* With grades A+ to D