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The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) is one of the largest Faculties at NUS, with an annual intake of about 1,900. More than 6000 undergraduate students (including 500 exchange students), and close to 1000 graduate students make up the student population. The Faculty also has more than 400 faculty members and 160 executive and professional staff. It is one of the earliest established Faculties at the University, with its origins dating back to the founding of Raffles College, which began classes in 1928.

The Faculty’s mission is to contribute to society through the advancement of knowledge and learning in the humanities and social sciences. The FASS mission consists of three parts. It emphasises the following:

  • Advancement of knowledge through research;
  • Advancement of learning through education;
  • Service to society

The Faculty is organised into three divisions – Asian Studies, Humanities and Social Sciences – under which 15 departments and programmes are grouped. It offers the most comprehensive range of Humanities and Social Sciences subjects not only in Singapore but in the region.

Division Department/Programme Subjects Offered
Asian Studies Division Department of Chinese Studies Chinese Language
Chinese Studies
Department of Japanese Studies Japanese Studies
Department of Malay Studies Malay Studies
South Asian Studies Programme South Asian Studies
Department of Southeast Asian Studies Southeast Asian Studies
Humanities Division Department of English Language & Literature English Language
English Literature
Theatre Studies
Department of History History
European Studies
Department of Philosophy Philosophy
Social Sciences Division Department of Communications and New Media Communications and New Media
Department of Economics Economics
Department of Geography Geography
Department of Political Science Global Studies
Political Science
Department of Psychology Psychology
Department of Social Work Social Work
Department of Sociology Sociology


Multidisciplinary, cross-departmental programmes
Hosted by Office of Programmes American Studies
Freshman Seminar
Minor Programmes (China Studies, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies,
Health and Social Sciences, Religious Studies, and Science, Technology, and Society)


In addition, the Faculty’s Centre for Language Studies provides language instruction in many Asian and European languages.

For up-to-date information on the Faculty, please visit its website at:

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