Help you to identify the 'best-fit' lab

This involves a no commitment attachment to lab for ~2 months for you to evaluate:

  • Research Project suitability
  • Chemistry with potential Supervisor
  • Lab culture

Facilitate Collaboration

that may facilitate inter/cross-disciplinarity in your research

Identify potential co-supervisor or TAC member

How it Works

2 Lab Rotations within 1st semester (4 months)

All new students have to complete two (2) laboratory rotations (LR) with two NGS-approved supervisors within the first 4 months of their candidature. Each rotation will last 2 months. Special approval must be sought before rotation with a supervisor who is not NGS-approved i.e. Students can also claim 2 MCs for a rotation with a supervisor who is not NGS-approved, provided special approval was granted for this rotation. Only an NGS-approved supervisor can be nominated as Main Supervisor.

Lab Rotation Report

Students have to submit a lab rotation report to the supervisor at the end of each rotation. The report should fulfil the following:

  • 600 words (min) including a background of the research project, objective(s) of the project, methodology, results and discussion.
  • 5 pages (max) including tables, figures, references etc.

The supervisor will evaluate the student’s report and performance during the rotation. Both the report and performance must be evaluated as “Satisfactory” by the supervisor. Student also has to participate in a module workshop before the end of the 1st Lab Rotation.

Students must submit both lab rotation reports to NGS. The reports must be evaluated as “Satisfactory” by members of the NGS Deanery.

"Research Immersion" Workshop

Attend a half-day “Research Immersion” Workshop to learn and share about how to select a ‘best-fit’ lab


Students are eligible for the 2 MCs and a “Compulsory Satisfactory (CS)/Unsatisfactory (CSU)” grading, subject to him/her meeting all the criteria of the module including:

a) Satisfactory grading by both the rotation supervisors and
b) Satisfactory completion of the GS5101 Research Immersion Module, which include:

  • Attendance of the Lab Immersion Workshop
  • Completion of 2 lab rotations with two (2) NGS-approved supervisors, with “Satisfactory” rating.
  • Submission of 2 lab rotation reports

After the completion of the Lab Rotation, students may nominate their main supervisor by 01 January.

Students who do not comply with the requirements of the LR may have their stipend suspended and/or be placed on academic probation.



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GS5101 Research Immersion

Students will complete two lab rotations in their first semester with NGS. Each rotation will last for at least 2 months. At the end of each lab rotation, students will submit a lab rotation report that includes a description of the research project that the student has worked on and the supervisor’s assessment of the student’s performance and commitment during the lab rotation.

Students will attend a workshop, facilitated by the principal lecturers, before they start their second lab rotation.  They will discuss research mentorship, research planning and management and articulate the learning experiences gleaned from their first lab rotation. Modular credits and a ‘Completed Satisfactory (CS)/Unsatisfactory (CU)’ grade are awarded on the basis of satisfactory performance for both rotations, completion of two lab rotation reports and attendance of the workshop.