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Eligibility & Conditions


Top Honors from your University

Some reference scores as a guide:
CAP1 ≥ 4.00/5 or its equivalent (≥80%), or GPA2 ≥3.2/4 in relevant disciplines

Scholarship dependent on academic performance

CAP1 ≥ 3.8 every semester

1Cumulative Average Points   2Grade Point Average

Masters Degree

  • If you are currently pursuing a Masters Degree, you must be officially conferred with the Masters Degree before matriculating at NGS.
  • If you have submitted your Thesis but NOT conferred with Masters degree, admission to NGS will be deferred until your Masters degree is officially awarded.
  • You will not be allowed to exit with Masters Degree.

If you are under any bond, you must declare in the application and seek to defer the bond before commencing graduate program at NGS.

You will also not be eligible for the President’s Graduate Fellowship (PGF).

Application Procedure

What You Need to Know

  • While completing the application form on “NUS Graduate Admissions System (GDA2)”, please select “NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering” for the “Faculty” field, regardless of the faculty affiliation of your Proposed Supervisor and/or of your intended Specalisation (Data Science, SCELSE, BigHeart). 
  • Only COMPLETED (with all required documents) application(s) received BEFORE the application deadline will be processed.
  • COMPLETE (with all required documents) application(s) received AFTER the application deadline will be processed for the next intake (not immediate upcoming intake).
  • Incomplete applications will NOT be processed.

Submission Deadline

15 Dec of each year for the Aug intake of the following year

for PhDMBA only - 15 Nov '20 for Aug '21 Intake

You Will Need to Submit:

The following documents are to be compiled and submitted in the following order, where applicable, in a single PDF file, to be emailed to (max file size 15MB).

Checklist of Documents Included in PDF:

  • Statement of Purpose*
  • Research Proposal*
  • Academic Transcripts and Certificates*
  • Evidence of Academic Awards & Honours
  • Publications
  • GRE (for non-NUS/NTU/SUTD applicants) & TOEFL/IELTS (for applicants from non-English speaking Universities/Countries)
  • Complete printout of the Online Application Form* generated from NUS Graduate Admissions System (GDA2), duly Declared, Signed, Dated and containing a recent passport-sized photograph* pasted on the first page.
  • Abstract of Independent Research
  • Personal CV - only compulsory for PhDMBA application
  • PhD-MBA Essay - only compulsory for PhDMBA application
  • Any other supporting documents that may enhance your application​
  • Proof of Payment* of Application Fee
  • Color Scan of Singapore NRIC* (Singaporean and Singapore PR) / Passport (International Applicants); not compulsory for international applicants without passport at the point of application submission


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