PhD Qualifying Examination (PQE)

Assesses whether you are fit to progress to the PhD degree

How it Works

  1. Before attempting the PQE

    Before attempting the PQE, you need to have convened at least 2 meetings with your Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC).
  2. Taking the PQE

    You must take the PQE no later than 24 months after enrolling in NGS. If you fail to do so by the 24th month of your candidature, you will need to convene a TAC meeting immediately in order to ascertain the reason(s).
  3. During the PQE

    If you have made little or no progress with your PhD project within the first 18-20 months, and if you are deemed to be at risk of not obtaining a PhD, your TAC will refer your case to NGS’ Senior Advisory for Graduate Education (SAGE).

Ready to Submit?

View the full set of PQE guidelines, requirements and policies