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  • 2016-2020
  • 2013-2015
  • 2008-2012

Dr. Ronald Boyd Anderson

Ph.D. 2020

Thesis Title: Automatic and Comprehensive Gait Measurement and Analysis


  • Boyd and his team developed a a novel wireless sensor system capable of achieving clinical gait measurements with comparable accuracies to the current gold-standard mat. Read more

Dr. GOH Wei Jiang

Ph.D. 2019

Thesis Title: Development Of Novel Bioinspired Drug Delivery Platforms Utilizing Cell-Derived Nanovesicles


Dr. Sreetosh Goswami

Ph.D. 2019


Thesis Title: Resistive Memories Using Metal-AZO Aromatics



Published 2 papers based on PhD research

Dr. Yeo Joo Chuan

Ph.D. 2018

Thesis Title: Wearable Microfluidics For Tactile Sensing



Ph.D. 2018

Thesis Title: Correlation Between Breast Cancer Cell Deformability and Their Metastatic Potential

  • Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of start-up 42Lab
  • Brief media profile at Techinasia


Ph.D. 2018

Thesis Title: Distributed Adaptation and Learning Over Complex Networks

Dr. SAW Thuan Beng

Ph.D. 2018

Thesis Title: The Role of Mechanics and Collective Cell Constraints in Epithelial Cell Death and Extrusion


  • Chua Toh Hua Memorial Gold Medal for AY2017/2018
  • Wang Gungwu Medal and Prize for AY2017/2018Techinasia

Dr. WANG Yingting

Ph.D. 2017

Thesis Title: The Application of Blood-derived Angiogenic Cells (BDACS) In a Murine Hind Limb Ischemia Model


  • Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of start-up 42Lab
  • Brief media profile at Techinasia

Dr. YAP Hong Kai

Ph.D. 2017

Thesis Title: Design, Fabrication, And Characterization Of Soft Pneumatic Actuators Towards Soft Wearable Robotic Applications


Selected to be on Forbes’ 2019 class of 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs in Healthcare & Science category in Asia


Brief profile of Hong Kai here.

Dr. Rishav Shrestha

Ph.D. 2017

Thesis Title: Use of Upconversion Fluorescent Nanoparticles for Imaging and Photo-controlled Gene Therapy


Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of start-up, E3A Healthcare 

Dr. LIN Qian

Ph.D. 2016

Thesis Title: Using Vertical Migration of Larval Zebrafish to Study Non-image-forming Light Processing: Opsin, Neural Circuitsand Neuromodulators

Currently a Postdoctoral Associate at Laboratory of Neurotechnology and Biophysics, The Rockefeller University, her publication “Cerebellar Neurodynamics Predict Decision Timing and Outcome on the Single-Trial Level” was released in CELL in January 2020

Dr. Abhijeet PATRA

Ph.D. 2016

Thesis Title: Quantifying Interactions of Biomolecules with Inorganic Surfaces

  • The first PhD thesis from NUS accepted and published by Springer as part of Springer Theses titles.

Dr. CHUA Jin Shu Anthony 

Ph.D. 2015

Thesis Title: Design of a Conceptual Antiviral Strategy to Treat West Nile Virus Infection

  • Founder of Stratificare Pte Ltd, which produces the world’s first severe dengue prediction assay.
  • Aided by Enterprise Singapore to venture into the Mexican market, StratifiCare has been given the green light to conduct clinical study in Mexico in 2020, paving the way for possible regulatory approval of StratifiCare’s test kit. Read more
  • Winner of inaugural #DBSFoundation Social Impact Prize 2020 at the 10th Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition (#LKYGBPC

Dr. GUO Pengfei

Ph.D. 2014

Thesis Title: Advanced Transistors for Supply Voltage Reduction: Tunneling Field-Effect Transistors and High-Mobility Mosfets


2014 ECS Bruce Deal & Andy Grove Young Author Award, for his paper “Silicon Surface Passivation Technology for Germanium-Tin P-Channel MOSFETs: Suppression of Germanium and Tin Segregation for Mobility Enhancement” (ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, Vol. 3, Issue 8, Q162, 2014)

Dr. KHOO Yong Sheng

Ph.D. 2014

Thesis Title: Advanced Photovoltaic Module Characterisation and Optimisation for Enhanced Outdoor Performance


PV Modules Development Group

Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore


Yong Sheng’s research group has developed a vertical double-sided photovoltaic module that could potentially be integrated into the sound barriers that line the MRT rail tracks. Find out more

Dr. LEE Wong Cheng 

Ph.D. 2014

Thesis Title: Biophysical Identification and Isolation of Multipotent Subpopulations of Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Tissue Engineering Applications


Chua Toh Hua Memorial Gold Medal 2013/2014 for the most outstanding research in Life Sciences.. 

Dr. LEONG Man Chun

Ph.D. 2014

Thesis Title: Study of Epithelial Collective Cell Migration with Microfabricated Tools

Interim Chief Executive Officer
Biolidics Limited 

Singapore-based medical technology firm, Biolidics Limited, has developed a rapid and user-friendly test kit for Covid-19 that will be able to detect the disease in less than 10 minutes. The company has obtained provisional authorisation from the Health Sciences  Authority for the test kits to be used in Singapore. The first batch is expected to be available by next month. Find out more.  

Dr. LI Xue

Ph.D. 2014

Thesis Title: Thin-Film Composite Membranes for Osmotic Processes and Applications


World Future Foundation PhD Prize 2013/2014 in
Environmental and Sustainability Research.

Dr. CUI Jinqiang
Dr. PHANG Swee King
Dr. WANG Fei  

Ph.D. 2014

Thesis Title:

  • CUI Jinqiang: Navigation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in GPS-denied Environments 
  • PHANG Swee King: System Design Methodology and Implementation of Micro-aerial Vehicles
  • WANG Fei: Indoor Navigation Systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Chief Executive Officer
AeroLion Technologies


CUI Jinqiang, PHAG Swee King
– part of the co-founding team

Dr. ZHAO Zhenwei

Ph.D. 2014

Thesis Title: Supporting Non-linear and Non-continuous Media Access in Peer-to-peer Multimedia Systems


Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer
Tapi Data Solutions

Dr. LOKE Kok Leong Desmond

Ph.D. 2013

Thesis Title: Ultrafast Phase-change for Data Storage Applications


Dr. POH Yong Cheng  

Ph.D. 2013

Thesis Title: Computational Bio-engineering of the Gastrointestinal Tract


Singapore – Stanford Biodesign Fellowship 2012

Dr. WANG Yue

Ph.D. 2013

Thesis Title: Efficient Computational Techniques for TAG SNP Selection, Epistasis Analysis, and Genome-wide Association Study

  • Co-Founder: WAGII
  • CEO: Populife
  • CEO & Founder: Populstay
  • previously Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer: Igloohome Inc

Dr. YONG Kol Jia

Ph.D. 2013

Thesis Title: The Role of Stem Cell Factor SALL4 in Hepatocellular Carcinoma 

Chua Toh Hua Memorial Gold Medal 2013

Dr. HUANG Hua 

Ph.D. 2012

Thesis Title: Functional Diversity of CAV1.3 Channels Generated by RNA Editing and Alternative Splicing 



Chua Toh Hua Memorial Gold Medal 2012

Dr. LI Guangda

Ph.D. 2012

Thesis Title: Multimedia Question-Answering and Content-based Product Annotation and Search


CTO & Co-founder of ViSenze


Media coverage

Dr. Carolyn NG Chun Chi

Ph.D. 2012

Thesis Title: Identification of a Novel Small-molecule PPARγ Activator that  Induces Autophagic Cell Death in Cancer Cells

Selected as one of “20 Under 40 in Biopharma” leaders in 2020 

Dr. Timothy MERRITT

Ph.D. 2012

Thesis Title: A Failure of Imagination: How and Why People Respond Differently to Human and Computer Team-mates



Aalborg University: 

  • Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science
  • Associate Professor, The Technical Faculty of IT and Design
  • Lecturer, Human-Centered Computing
  • Associate Professor, Human-Centered Computing

Living media interfaces: a multi-perspective analysis of biological materials for interaction was published in Digital Creativity in January 2020.

Dr. CHEN Zhi Xiong

Ph.D. 2010

Thesis Title: ROLE OF BCL-2 in Metabolic and Redox Regulation Via Its Effects on Cytochrome C Oxidase and Mitochondrial Functions in Tumour Cells


Lecturer and Integration
Lead Educator (Medicine)
Department of Physiology
National University of Singapore 


  • NUHS Academic Medicine Development Award, 2016
  • Joint Scientist
    KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
  • Faculty Teaching Excellence Award, 2015
  • Swee Liew-Wadsworth Research Award (Gold), 2014
  • Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) McElwain
    Award, 2013
  • The Company of Biologists Travel Award, 2013

Dr. LOH Xian Jun

Ph.D. 2010

Thesis Title: Smart Biomaterials



Director, Strategic Research Office
Institute of Materials Research and Engineering
Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)

Brief Profile


Dr. Melissa Jane

Ph.D. 2009

Thesis Title: Paired-end Tags for Unravelling Genomic Elements and Chromantin Interactions 



  • Nanyang Assistant Professor,
    School of Biological Sciences
  • Principal Investigator,
    Cancer Science Institute of Singapore,
    National University of Singapore 
  • Research and publications  
  • Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) Fellowship
    Award 2013
  • Regional winner in the “All Other Countries” category for the 2010 GE and Science Prize

Dr. LOH Yuin Han

Ph.D. 2008

  • Senior Principal Investigator
    Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Associate Professor (Adjunct)
    Department of Physiology
    Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
    National University of Singapore
  • Department of Biological Sciences
    NUS Faculty of Science
  • Research, publications, awards and honours  

Dr. TAM Wai Leong

Ph.D. 2008

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor,
    Department of Biochemistry,
    Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine,
    National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor,
    School of Biological Sciences,
    Nanyang Technological University
  • Singapore National Research Foundation Fellow
  • Principal Investigator, Genome Institute of Singapore, A*STAR
  • Principal Associate, Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, NUS
  • Research, Awards and Honours

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