Ng Eng Teng Gallery


Museum, NUS Centre for the Arts houses the most comprehensive collection of works by a single artist in Singapore. It consists of 1099 items, spanning more than forty years of continuous activity by the late Ng Eng Teng, Singapore foremost sculptor, ranging from 75 sculptures, vessels, ceramic forms, maquettes, paintings and drawings, testifying to the versatility of the artist in using a variety of materials as well as his continuous endeavours to explore and experiment with them.

It is as a sculptor that Ng Eng Teng had made his mark. On display are some of his most accomplished works, such as Madonna and Child II, Looking Ahead, Fright, Torso (Rocker), Head Profile and Red Face. These mark high points in the artist's development. Other exhibits consist of maquettes (models for sculpture)
which provide valuable insights into the ways the artist had developed his concepts, ceramic vessels which are remarkable in terms of their transformations as they change their appearances, and drawings and paintings which were produced early in the artist's career and which are known to few. The first donation of 1997 was swiftly followed by the second donation in May 1998. The third and final donation came in October 2001, just before his untimely death.

In recognition of Ng Eng Teng's significant contribution to the intellectual and cultural life of the NUS, the University conferred upon him the degree of Honorary Doctor of Letters on 14 September 1998.