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Constructed Landscapes: Singapore in Southeast Asia



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Constructed Landscapes: Singapore in Southeast Asia

23 December 2008 - 31 Jan 2010

Exhibition Opening – 15 January 2009, 6.30pm

The University Art Museum (precursor of NUS Museum) was inaugurated in 1955 at the University of Malaya in Singapore.  The collection was instrumental in the teaching and study of Art History.  Its holding of acquired paintings served as a vital archive and resource to interpret landscapes and themes in Singapore and Southeast Asia

Presented in three sections - Engagement/Memory/Imagination - the exhibition explores artistic interactions with the land, personal and collective memory, as well as relationships with physical space, cultural imagination and practice. Through paintings, drawings, photographs, textiles and video documentations, the landscape observations convey, construct and represent aspects of such landscapes, as well as offer presentations and interpretations.

The exhibition forms the framework for reconnections with teaching and learning of architecture and urban history, through modules developed by the Department of Architecture, NUS, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. In conjunction with the exhibition, two forums will be organised at the NUS Museum alongside four walking tours at Kampong Glam, Padang, Telok Ayer and Tiong Bahru to encourage the public's interest in and appreciation of the Singaporean landscape.


Download Constructed Landscapes: Singapore in Southeast Asia Worksheets. Click here and Click here for Simplified Version.

Worksheets for younger audience. Engagement Worksheet. Imagination Worksheet. Memory: Crossword Puzzle.


NUS Department of Architecture 50 Years: In Progress

Please visit this website for more information - http://www.arch.nus.edu.sg/50/exhibition/index.html









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