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S. Sudjojono and Contemporary Indonesian Art

10 May – 24 Aug 2008

S.Sudjojono, Janur Kuning (1983)
Collection of Museum Universitas Pelita Harapan

From Sudjojono's idealistic articulations of the real as Indonesian nationalist and revolutionary aesthetic in the mid-20th century, the exhibition traces changes and continuities in ideas, polemics and practices in artistic representations of the real through to the works of fourteen contemporary Indonesian artists in the last decade. No longer seen merely as a visual style in artistic representation but instead as enduring values and attitudes, the exhibition will address ideas and discourse on the real by continually questioning the function of the artist in society and what constitutes the real as seen by them.

A total of forty works of S. Sudjojono and contemporary artists drawn from various private and institutional collections in Indonesia and Singapore will be exhibited alongside each other in two galleries in NUS Museum – NX Gallery and part of the South and Southeast Asian Collection Gallery – to reveal connections between the modern and contemporary along the discourse of artistic representations of the real.

- List of Artists -
Abdi Setiawan | Agus Suwage | Arahmaiani | Eko Nugroho | Hafiz | Heri Dono | I Nyoman Masriadi | Iwan Wijono | Popok Tri Wahyudi | Rudi Mantofani | S Sudjojono | S Teddy D | Sigit Santoso | Taring Padi | Tisna Sanjaya

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