Medical Engineering and Research Commercialization Initiative (MERCI)

About Us

MERCI’s focus is to improve patients’ lives through the development of innovative medical devices. For this, the wide experience of MERCI in the different stages of the development of such technologies and its close links with NUH, NUS and the industry are crucial aspects.

Medical device development


Our main roles and project selection (independent of the development stage of the technology) are detailed below.

Medical device development: MERCI’s role

The MERCI Steering Committee composite allows us to get inputs and tap into the network of key players in medical device development, including engineering expertise, practicing clinicians and hospital management.

Organization chart

MERCI Structure

The Team

Melvin & Rachel

From left: Melvin Loh, Rachel Hong

Melvin, Director of MERCI, is responsible for spearheading MERCI’s activities in medical device development and commercialization. He has strategically planned several high value proposals to improve the infrastructure and operations of MERCI and NUS and was responsible for overseeing the successful completion of the outfitting of MERCI Resonance. His 11 year experience in the medical device industry as well as his commerce background in finance and marketing enables him to lead the commercial development aspect of MERCI.

Prior to joining MERCI, Melvin brought with him 6 years of experience from Forefront Medical Technology, a global medical device contract manufacturer. There he was leading the Business Affairs and Operations departments, where he oversaw the securement of new clients as well as the production process and turnover. During his time at Forefront, Melvin spear-headed the setting up of Forefront’s manufacturing facility in Xiamen. With a manufacturing area of 3300sqm, the Xiamen plant produced 50% of Forefront’s total production output.

Rachel is the Co-director of MERCI and was its Head of Product Development since its inception. She leads the portfolio of medical device development projects from Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS which encompassed a wide range of medical specialties including cardiovascular implants, minimally invasive surgical tools and micro sensor based devices. Working with clinicians and engineers, she developed concepts, designs and prototypes that require a moderate to high degree of technical expertise.

Rachel has over 10 years of experience in the Medical Device industry, of which 5 were spent at Merlin MD Pte Ltd, a local start up that developed and produce a CE mark approved novel neurovascular implant for the treatment of intracranial aneurysms. She was instrumental in the design and development of the device and its corresponding performance and pre-clinical testing. Her work as Senior R&D Engineer also included originating the manufacturing process for prototypes and pilot production. A Materials Engineer by training, Rachel started her foray into medical devices during her undergraduate days at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), where she worked on the development of biodegradable coronary stents.

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MERCI team