Peer Advising Programme

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Around NUS tour organised by GRO Peer Advising Leader. Sampling local cuisine at a hawker centre near NUS.

Welcome to the NUS Peer Advising Programme!

The Peer Advising Programme was established by the NUS Global Relations Office (GRO), together with Student Exchange Programme (SEP) participants, in an effort to enhance the SEP experience for incoming, outgoing and returning exchange students.

The Peer Advising Programme aims to facilitate the integration of incoming exchange students to NUS campus life through a variety of events and activities; as well as to ease the preparation process for NUS students who will be going for and returning from their own SEP. GRO, together with our Peer Advising Leaders (PALs), create platforms for incoming, outgoing and returning exchange students to interact, while also offering tailored services which cater to their specific needs.

Our community of Peer Advisors consists of NUS students who have recently returned from their SEP, and are passionate to share more about their experiences and to help their juniors with their own SEP journeys!

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