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Sng Shao Hua from FoS on SEP to Waseda University, Japan.

The opportunity to live and study in another country while earning credit towards your NUS degree is an amazing and exciting one. Priority for the Student Exchange Programme (SEP) will be given to NUS students who have not been on any overseas programme, and who show that they can be good ambassadors for NUS.

How does SEP work?

SEP works on a reciprocal basis. Bilateral agreements are signed between NUS and its partner universities to support the exchange of students every year. The objective of the Student Exchange Agreements is to achieve a balance in the exchange numbers during the effective term of the agreement.

Outgoing exchangers have to be nominated by NUS to study at an NUS’ partner university. Students have to remain both enrolled at NUS and at their host university for the full duration of their exchange. NUS students continue to pay tuition fees to NUS while the tuition fees at the host university is waived.

Why go on SEP?

The experiences you acquire during your overseas studies will be valuable to your future employers and you will develop other life skills which makes SEP all the more rewarding.

Experience an adventure

Here is your chance to trek through the Grand Canyon, look out from the top of the Eiffel Tower, or set foot on the Taj Mahal. You will make memories that last a lifetime as you see new places and experience cultures you might have only read about.

Spark your curiosity

Get a fresh perspective on the subjects you study. Learn an American's perspective on world politics or a German's insights into molecular biology. SEP provides the opportunity for you to study with students from top universities around the world.

Develop valuable language skills

There is no better way to learn a language than by immersing yourself in it every day. Learn how people on the streets use the language and get to know phrases and expressions from beyond the classroom.

Strengthen your resume

SEP gives you the skills your future employers desire such as versatility, maturity, confidence, independence, and the ability to work with people of different cultures.

Create a new and improved you

Make lifelong friends, experience a new culture and get out of the same old routine. SEP is what you should embark on, and many make it the time of their lives.

NUS Student Experiences on SEP

Excited to learn about the SEP experiences from the returning exchangers? Here's your chance. Read their accounts of life abroad and be inspired by their overseas experience!

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