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Young Talent Programme - Market Immersion funding from IE Singapore

NUS undergraduates who are awarded funding from NUS for participating in international programmes (eg Student Exchange Programme (SEP), internship/industrial attachment programme, hybrid work and study programme, and short-term immersion programme) are eligible for co-funding from International Enterprise (IE) Singapore under the Young Talent Programme (YTP) - Market Immersion.

The core objective of YTP-Market Immersion is to provide overseas opportunities to core and emerging markets for young talents to gain industry exposure and market immersion experience that will enhance their future employability.


Eligible Programmes Eligible Markets(Destinations) YTP - Market Immersion co-Funding cap YTP - Market Immersion co-Funding duration
Student Exchange Programme

Short-term Immersion Programme[1]

Overseas Internship/Industrial Attachment Programmes [2]

Hybrid Work & Study Programme

  1. Regional Markets:
    Southeast Asia, India, China
  2. Emerging Markets:
    Latin America and Caribbean, Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa
  1. S$400 for admin and travel support for all eligible markets, and
  2. S$200 per week and NUS co-funding amount, or two times NUS co-funding; whichever is lower
Up to 24 weeks per programme


[1] Short term study programme must have business-related content or industry exposure (for example, company visits, industry talks by business leaders) and the itinerary must include market immersion experience through cultural site visits, networking sessions with locals etc.

[2] Internship/Industrial Attachment must provide market-focused and “global ready” experience that enhances the employability of students. Research attachment/internship at foreign universities (which is usually academic rather than market-focused) and community services or volunteer work fall outside the purview of YTP-Market Immersion.

Eligibility Criteria*

NUS undergraduates who fulfill the following requirements are eligible for YTP - Market Immersion funding:

  • Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents.
  • Students must be accepted into the eligible overseas programme and received endorsement from their relevant faculty/department in NUS.
  • Students must have received funding from NUS for their programme. The NUS funding must come from NUS internal sources as external sources such from donors and organisations are not allowed.
  • Students must not hold any other external scholarship or award which provides funding for airfare and subsistence allowance for the overseas programme.
  • Final semester students participating in overseas programmes are not eligible for YTP-Market Immersion funding.

Application Period

Please refer to the application procedure.

Application Procedure

Direct application by students will not be accepted by Global Relations Office (GRO).

For programmes administered by faculties or departments, eligible students who have received NUS funding including the NUS Global Internship Award, must apply for YTP-Market Immersion funding through their programme owners.

For self-sourced programmes (excluding internships), eligible students who have received NUS funding, must apply for YTP-Market Immersion funding through their faculties.

For SEP, eligible students who have received the NASA Exchange Award, will be invited to apply for YTP-Market Immersion funding.

For selected i-SP programmes administered by GRO, eligible students who apply the NASA Enhancement Award, are welcome to complete the application form here and submit the completed form along with the acceptance letter (from the host university / organisation) to nusstudyabroad@nus.edu.sg.

For the NUS Global Internship Programme administered by the Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG) and self-sourced global internships, students are to refer to the application instructions listed on CFG website.

For STEER programmes administered by GRO, eligible students who have received the STEER Award as part of the NASA Enhancement Award, will be invited to apply for YTP-Market Immersion funding.

For faculties or programme owners, please refer to the application process for eligible students at this link and submit the application form to GRO 1 month before the programme starts.

The YTP-Market Immersion funding application is subject to IE Singapore’s approval. Only successful applicants will be notified.

Terms and Conditions*

  • Students must submit a report (with photos) of their experiential learning in the country, within 2 weeks after the end of the programme, using this prescribed template.


Applicants will be notified of their application via their NUS email addresses through the programme coordinators.


The disbursement of the YTP Market Immersion funding will be processed after post programme obligations have been fulfilled.


For further queries on IE YTP Market Immersion funding, please click here

* Valid up till Saturday, 31 March 2018