Outgoing Students

NUS - UBC Lee Foundation Student Exchange Award (for Outgoing Students)

This award was created in 2003 through a generous donation from the Lee Foundation to help fund NUS and The University of British Columbia (UBC) students on student exchange programmes, co-op internships, research attachments, and international conferences.

UBC has been a close partner of NUS and both universities share comparable education standards and similar internationalisation goals. Both are recognised as leading research-intensive universities in their own right. More than 700 students from NUS and UBC have benefitted from the Lee Foundation’s generous donations in the last 13 years.


Up to 1 year overseas Student Exchange Programme (SEP).

The quantum of the award varies from year to year. It helps to offset the cost of accommodation and living expenses. The details and other terms and conditions are listed in the application form.

Eligibility Criteria

For UBC exchange students at NUS and NUS exchange students at UBC.

Students are selected for the Award based on their application.

Terms and Conditions

Within six weeks from the end of the UBC semester, students must provide:

  • (a) A concise report (with at least 3 photographs) on their exchange experience at UBC and how they have benefited from it;
  • (b) A personal letter of appreciation to the Lee Foundation for the Award.
  • (c) There is no bond to this Award.

Application Period

Application for AY 2018/2019 is from 20 February 2018 to 30 March 2018. Please check with the SEP Administrator/Coordinator in your faculty/school, for their application deadline.

Application Procedure

For NUS students to be eligible for the Award, you have to be selected by your faculty or school for SEP to UBC and be accepted by UBC as an exchange student. Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee to determine if you qualify for the award.

Download Application Form

The completed application package should be submitted to your Dean’s Office by the stipulated deadline.


Applicants will be notified of their application via their NUS email addresses.


Awardees will be informed of the disbursement date during the announcement of the result.


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