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NUS-IRB's revised IRB forms and guidelines for "Social, Behavioural and Educational Research (SBER)"

The NUS-IRB has been updating its policies and forms in view of the Human Biomedical Research Act (HBRA), which regulates human biomedical research (HBR), and is currently being implemented in phases. Hence in 2017, the IRB’s review of new applications will be dichotomised into (a) HBR; and (b) all other research studies not covered by the HBRA (otherwise referred to as Social, Behavioural and Educational Research (SBER)).

Do note the two main changes to SBER guidelines:

    (i) The Exemption review category has been expanded for greater inclusivity.
    (ii) Supporting documents (e.g. participant information sheet) will no longer be reviewed by the NUS-IRB if your application qualifies for Exemption.

Please refer to our News Alerts, an overview of the NUS-IRB's guidelines and the specific guidelines for more details:




Guidelines and Forms are accessible to NUS researchers only. For non-NUS researchers, please contact