Intellectual Property Management & Licensing

ILO manages and protects NUS Intellectual Property which includes: patents, trademarks, service marks, registered designs, copyright, design rights, know-how, confidential information, trade and business names.

The technologies managed by ILO fall into three main Technology Divisions: Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Information/Computer Technology.
The majority of Intellectual Property processed through ILO is in the form of patents. Protection and management of such IP involves patent maintenance, development, improvement, making proactive efforts to disseminate the technology to the commercial sector and seeking out and defending infringements upon our invention spaces.

Inventing and filing a patent:

ILO evaluates invention disclosures from NUS staff and students to determine the feasibility of commercialization and whether protection of the Intellectual Property is necessary for effective commercialisation. These invention disclosures often become full patent applications and are also managed by ILO, which handles the entire process. Learn more about the full process here.

Licensing and taking care of your IP:

NUS invests in University inventions that have a positive outlook for commercialization and eventual utilization in society. ILO represents the University to negotiate with interested parties on the licensing of NUS technologies. These technologies may be licensed by start-ups, established companies or large institutions.

Intellectual property does not give you the right to practice an invention, but it does give you the right to exclude others from doing so. During the time a patent is in place, a patent holder or licensee can exclude competitors from making and selling products similar to the patented idea of invention. Intellectual property thus provides a time period of competitive advantage. ILO also handles the instances where external parties infringe upon NUS inventors’ patent space. The potential outcomes end in negotiations, agreements or sometimes litigation.

If you are an NUS researcher or inventor, ILO provides intellectual property management and consulting services to you free of charge. Contact ILO if you have an invention to discuss.

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