The Industry Liaison Office aims to provide an accessible interface and resource for industry professionals in business development, technology scouting, competitive intelligence and technology investment to engage with the NUS research community. We welcome all levels of enquiry from industry and endeavor to develop mutually beneficial and long lasting relationships. Currently, we hold regular meetings and events with companies to understand industry R&D needs and to explore ways of working together.

ILO facilitates and guides the formation and management of:

  • Formalized research collaborations
  • Contract Research Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Materials Transfer Agreements
  • Contracts between NUS entities and external parties

As a top rate research institution, NUS is open to industry partnering at all levels of technology development to promote dissemination of our research in conjunction with furthering your commercial objectives. Our invention portfolio continues to grow across many disciplines and specializations and encompasses numerous technologies available for licensing. Start a conversation with ILO to find out about how NUS can forward your business goals.

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Research and innovation from University investigators are the seeds for technological progress in our society. ILO takes a proactive approach towards Technology Transfer between NUS and industry and aims to be an accessible resource and guide for researchers to bring their innovations into the market, to eventually find a place in our modern lives.

Through vigilant monitoring of regional, as well as global technology markets, we keep abreast of the latest developments and use this information to craft the best commercialization strategies for your inventions. As part of our outreach efforts, ILO also hosts educational events on the subjects of intellectual property and commercialization. ILO believes that informing researchers and future inventors of the research to market pathway aids in sharpening the discovery and innovation process. 

In this section you will find a variety of resources related to the patenting process, obtaining funding for translational research, entrepreneurial efforts, interacting with commercial entities and forming collaborations. We also highlight the successes that have originated here at NUS. These stories originated in labs just like yours and showcase the process of how ILO introduces NUS technology to the world.

If you have an invention, new technology or simply an idea that you would like to share or bring to market, have a look at our resources and start a conversation with us.

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