PyroGene : Licensing Success

On 8 May 2003, Cambrex Bio Science Walkersville, part of Cambrex Corporation in New Jersey, launched its PyroGene Recombinant Factor C Endotoxin Detection System worldwide.

This technology has its origins in Singapore: Factor C was first cloned in NUS in 1991 by Prof Ding Jeak Ling from the Department of Biological Sciences and Assoc Prof Ho Bow from the Department of Microbiology.

The traditional method of obtaining Factor C was to collect and bleed horseshoe crabs, whose blood coagulates in the presence of bacteria. This property is used to test for the purity of injectable drugs and sterilized medical equipment.

In 1998, the husband and wife team cloned an enzymatically active version of Factor C, and in March 2000, the technology was licensed to the American biotech firm BioWhittaker, Inc., now part of Cambrex Corporation, to produce the diagnostic tool worldwide. INTRO managed the licensing of the Factor C technology to Cambrex Corporation.

INTRO has filed over 500 patents to date, and manages a pool of over 100 technologies that can be licensed to companies or spin-offs. These technologies are listed and described in an online technology database available on INTRO’s website. Besides licensing, INTRO also helps to protect and manage the NUS technologies.