Partnering NUS

ILO takes a proactive approach towards promoting technology transfer between NUS and industry. We hold regular meetings and discussions with companies to understand their R&D needs and to explore ways of working together. Through vigilant monitoring of the national, regional and global technology markets, we keep abreast of the latest developments.

We welcome discussion with interested parties on the licensing of technologies from our growing portfolio spanning numerous areas of specialisation. We are also keen to work with industry on collaborative research projects.

Technology Licensing
Various arrangements exist for the licensing of NUS technologies. Companies may license a technology or invention in return for a commitment to develop them into products or applications.

Alternatively, companies may also seek exclusive licenses to exploit our Intellectual Property and software for the sole benefit of the firm. Companies may also pursue joint-venture technology development and commercialisation with our spin-off companies.

Licensing terms are flexible and are negotiated in each case to take into account market realities and to accommodate the needs of the collaborators.

Joint Research
There are two main ways in which industry may collaborate with NUS on joint research projects. The company either meets all direct costs plus overheads and jointly-undertakes research with NUS, or pledges general support to the University's research programmes that are relevant to its strategic business interests.

Specific objectives will be defined for each project that follows.