The Industry Liaison Office (ILO) was set up in 1992 to handle technology transfer matters and to promote research collaboration between NUS, industry and other parties.

Over the years, ILO has served as the gateway for companies, research organisations and government agencies to access the knowledge, expertise and technologies residing at NUS.

NUS ILO oversees and provides the following services:

Intellectual property management: Taking inventions from idea to patent filing to patent management to patent prosecution.

Contracts and research agreements: Negotiating, drafting and managing research agreements, interactions and meetings where intellectual property is involved.

Licensing and outreach: Marketing, matching and placement of NUS technologies with commercial interests in industry through professional networking, business development and collaboration with businesses and startups.

Encouraging Entrepreneurship: Some ideas can develop into full blown businesses. ILO works closely with NEC/NEI to bring mature technologies together with business expertise capable of building viable spinoff companies.

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