Important note:

The Ministry of Education and all Institutes of Higher Learning have suspended all official overseas placements, until end-July 2020. This suspension will affect the status of the existing NASA Exchange Bursary/Scholarship award recipients*. GRO will contact the award recipients via email at a later date to address these questions.

For concerns about the expenses incurred because of suspension of the SEP, please click here for information on the NUS Resilience Fund. This Fund, established by NUS President, will help pay for valid irrecoverable expenses caused by disruptions related to Covid-19.

*Please note that in the event that the money has been disbursed to your bank account, NUS reserves the rights to ask for refund upon assessment of your SEP status.

NASA Exchange Bursary (Singapore Citizens)

NASA Exchange Bursaries are available on a need basis to undergraduate students who are going overseas to participate in Student Exchange Programme (SEP).


These bursaries are valued from S$2,500 to S$5,000 depending on financial needs, availability of funds and regardless of exchange location.

The NASA awards help to offset part of the cost incurred for the overseas programme and may not be sufficient to cover the entire cost. Student must consider the location and cost before choosing any overseas programme.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to Singaporean.
  • NUS full-time undergraduate students (excluding students from Yale-NUS College) who are selected to go overseas for exchange in one of NUS’ partner universities
  • Students with per capita gross monthly household income (PCI)* of S$1,900 and below for the academic year of the exchange programme may be considered, subject to availability of funds. Please refer to the information under application procedure.

  • *Per capita gross monthly household income (PCI) refers to the total gross monthly income of all those living in the household divided by the number of people in the household.

Terms & Conditions

  • Students may receive at most ONE (1) NASA Exchange Bursary or Scholarship award during their undergraduate study in NUS.
  • This award must not be concurrently held with any other awards which do not allow award recipients to hold concurrent awards meant for overseas programme or the total sum of all concurrent awards meant for overseas programme has exceeded what is needed for the overseas programme.
  • All award recipients are encouraged to attend the Ambassador Programme and are expected to be NUS ambassadors. Recipients must complete the Survey, and submit a SEP report.

Application Timeline, Procedure and Outcome


You must have an existing programme offer and accepted the programme offer via myEduRec by the stipulated deadline given by the Programme Administrator.


  1. Submit your Financial Aid application for the same academic year of your overseas programme through Undergraduate Financial Aid Portal, and submit all relevant supporting documents to Office of Financial Aid. This Financial Aid application is administered by Office of Financial Aid (under Office of Admission).
  2. After submitting your Financial Aid application, you may proceed to apply for NASA Exchange Bursary via myEduRec. Please refer to user guide for the step by step instruction. This NASA Exchange Bursary application is administered by Global Relations Office.

Note: An application for Financial Aid does not constitute an application for NASA Exchange Bursary. These are two separate applications with different timelines and requirements. To be considered for the NASA Exchange Bursary, you must submit a complete Financial Aid application. Students who have already applied for the Financial Aid for the relevant academic year prior to the application of the overseas programme do not need to submit another Financial Aid application. Students intending to apply for Financial Aid after the official application period can still apply by stating the reason (i.e. Applying for Financial Aid for overseas programmes (NASA Exchange Bursary)) for your late application.

Application outcome and acceptance of offer

  1. You will be notified via email on your NASA Exchange Bursary application outcome. Please check that you have met all the eligibility criteria before accepting the NASA Exchange Bursary offer via myEduRec.
  2. Update your "Receiving Bank Account (Credit Bank Account)" via myEduRec immediately after your acceptance of the NASA Exchange Bursary.


Financial Aid

(administered by Office of Financial Aid)

NASA Exchange Bursary

(with effect from AY2020/21)

(administered by Global Relations Office)
Application period

Application outcome & acceptance of offer

Bursary disbursement

Refer to Office of Financial Aid (under office of Admission) website for details.

Students intending to apply for Financial Aid after the official application period can still apply by stating the reason (i.e. Applying for Financial Aid for overseas programmes (NASA Exchange Bursary)) for your late application.
For Semester 1 & Full Year Exchange:

1 Mar to 30 Jun

For Semester 2 Exchange:

1 Aug to 30 Nov

For Semester 1 & Full Year Exchange:

15 Aug – 31 Aug

For Semester 2 Exchange:

15 Jan –31 Jan (of the following year)

For Semester 1 & Full Year Exchange:

By 30 Sep

For Semester 2 Exchange:

By 28 Feb (of the following year)


For further queries on NASA, please click here

For queries on NASA Exchange Bursary, please contact Global Relations Office

For queries on Financial Aid, please contact Office of Financial Aid (under Office of Admission)