NUS Virtual Institute for the Study of Ageing (VISA)


To catalyse the development of NUS research into Ageing for the creation of new knowledge about the ageing process and for its application to better the social and individual consequences of ageing in Singapore

The challenge of Ageing

With an ageing population, the challenge to our country, indeed to all developed countries of SE Asia, Oceania and the West, is to ensure that this change in population does not result in a decrease in the quality of life for the aged and for their carers and for society generally.

NUS, a leader in Ageing research

NUS is uniquely positioned in Singapore to provide research leadership and guidance across the wide range of disciplines and subjects that relate to ageing. NUS currently has more than 50 research groups, Centres and Institutes undertaking 2-300 research projects related to Ageing. The research involves experts from all NUS faculties/schools. NUS also collaborates with external agencies like Centre of Engineering Solutions for the Ageing Population, Genome Institute of Singapore and Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology.

Ageing research falls into 3 overlapping themes Ageing Cell, Ageing Body and Ageing Society.
Spanning these 3 themes is the support technology, predominantly based upon sensors and computation.

The role of VISA is to support and facilitate ageing research across a wide range of NUS faculties and research institutes. Its activities include:

  • Direct seed support of new intra- theme research programs (targeted use of cross-faculty grants).
  • Support seminar series and meetings.
  • For queries, please contact Ms Ida Nee @ 6516-6946, email for more information.

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