Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

In conjunction with the Global Young Scientists Summit@one-north (GYSS@one-north) 2018, the National University of Singapore (NUS) is hosting a panel discussion on the above topic with Laureates Prof John Hopcroft (Turing Award, 1986) and Prof Stuart Parkin (Millennium Technology Prize, 2014).

Drawing on their personal experiences, they will address a wide range of topics including :
  • What are probably the most important trends in this revolution?
  • Does the current system of undergraduate and graduate education adequately prepare young scientists to work in highly interdisciplinary areas of this nascent revolution?
  • How should junior researchers pick problems to work on given these rapidly ongoing developments?
  • What are the societal implications of the advances in materials, computing and biotechnology?

The moderator is Prof Mohan Kankanhalli, Dean, School of Computing and Provost’s Chair Professor of Computer Science.

Prof John Hopcroft

Prof John Hopcroft shared the highest award in computer science, the Turing Award, with Prof Robert E. Tarjan in 1986 for developing a mathematical way of analysing algorithms. Their work altered how computer science was taught. Much of their work on algorithms has been applied to graphs, enabling applications to topics ranging from linguistics to chemistry.


Prof Stuart Parkin

Prof Stuart Parkin received the 2014 Millennium Technology Prize in recognition of his discoveries, which have enabled a thousand-fold increase in the storage capacity of magnetic disk drives. Prof Parkin’s innovations have led to a huge expansion of data acquisition and storage capacities, which in turn have underpinned the evolution of large data centres and cloud services, social networks, music and film distribution online.

Event details

Date Monday, 22 January 2018
Time 6:30 to 8:00pm
Venue Lecture Theatre 35
Level 1, MD6, Centre for Translational Medicine, NUS
14 Medical Drive, Singapore 117599
For location, please click here.

This event is open to the public and admission is free.