From Left to right: Prof Ho Teck Hua presents the First Prize to Ms Natasya Iman Zahidi and Ms Nurul Afiqah Suwandi.

Corporate Identity
The AI.SG tree represents the spirit in which we envision artificial intelligence (AI) to be integrated into Singapore. The branches or electric circuits represent AI and collectively they form a tree in the shape of our island of Singapore. The Gold in the 1st logo is akin to that in circuit board, while the blue glow in the 2nd logo was a colour inspired by futuristic movies like the Tron Legacy & light sabers in Star Wars. Most importantly, the tree was chosen as a motif because we see AI as a tool for continuous growth; be it in the finance, health or transport sectors of Singapore.

Two logo designs were selected as Merit Prize Winners. These designs were submitted by Mr Leslie Chua (individual entry) and Ms Susanna Tan and Mr Jason Tan (group entry). Details below:

From Left to right: Prof Ho Teck Hua presents the Merit Prize to Mr Leslie Chua.

Corporate Identity
The logo is inspired by the symbolic meshed network. It forms a symbolic representation of the artificial intelligence (AI) landscape in Singapore. Using the Lion face network topology, it mapped the ambitious objectives to fast forward the nation to the next wave of scientific and technology innovation. The inner nodes represent the AI makerspace environment collaborating, while the outer nodes of the network represent connecting citizens to the digital pulse, improving their lives, and creating new opportunities. The colour red represents passion and vibrancy in bringing the nation to the next level of advancement.

From Left to right: Prof Ho Teck Hua presents the Merit Prize to Ms Susanna Tan. Her design partner and co-winner Mr Jason Tan was unable to attend the award ceremony.

Corporate Identity
A tangram holds 7 components together as a perfect square yet provides endless possibilities to create other shapes and designs. The logo is inspired by this quality and its potential for the 7 tangram pieces to represent the 6 different government agencies and AI.SG. The exploration is based on the representation of the Singapore Map and illustrates how these agencies come together. Pantone 032 is chosen for its relevance to the Singapore identity and the tagline - A Smarter Future - provides a well represented visualisation behind AI.SG’s mission to integrate and innovate the use of artificial intelligence in Singapore for the betterment of our future and to put us on the world map.