Think • Pitch • Win

This Contest, organised by The Office of the Deputy President (Research and Technology) (ODPRT), invites all NUS undergraduate students to seize an unique opportunity to etch a place in history.

Get creative and think of a name for our new publication.

This publication is to feature NUS' star researchers from various research clusters.

The aim of this publication is:

  • To raise awareness of NUS' research capabilities and powerhouses
  • To pave the way for better research collaboration(s)

Simply send us your proposed name together with a tagline.

Ensure the name and tagline are:

  • People-centric and compelling
  • Fun and engaging whilst being professional

The name you propose should reflect these elements.

If we like what we see, you stand a chance to win big.

The winning entry will be the name of our publication.

  1. Eligibility and Entry Guidelines

    • Contest is open to all enrolled NUS undergraduate students.
    • Entries should be in English only and comprise:
      1. Proposed publication name (no more than 3 words)
      2. Proposed tagline for the publication (no more than 6 words)
      3. Reason behind the proposed name and tagline (less than 100 words)
    • Only one submission per person is allowed.
    • Participants are to submit original content curated specifically for this Contest.
    • Participants are to transfer copyright of the name and tagline to the Organiser.

  2. Prizes

    1st Prize: CapitaVoucher worth SGD 500
    3 Consolation Prizes: CapitaVoucher worth SGD 50 each

  3. Contest Duration

    The Contest will commence on 9 June 2017, 9am Singapore Time and end on 23 June 2017, 5pm Singapore Time.

  4. Terms & Conditions

    The Name the Publication Contest 2017 (the Contest) is organised by the Office of Deputy President (Research and Technology) (ODPRT) of National University of Singapore (NUS or the Organiser). By submitting an entry for the Contest (the Contest Entry), each entrant (the Participant) accepts to the terms and conditions set out herein and any rules, regulations or guidelines associated with the Contest (the Terms and Conditions), and agrees to be bound by any decisions made by the Organiser, including any interpretation of such Terms and Conditions.

    Contest Eligibility and Period

    1. The Contest is only open to all currently enrolled NUS undergraduate students who are of age 18 years or older. NUS employees and NUS graduate students are not eligible to participate in this Contest.
    2. The Contest shall commence on 9 June 2017, 9am Singapore Time and end on 23 June 2017, 5pm Singapore Time (the Contest Period). Any entry received after the Contest Period will not be accepted by the Organiser.

    Submission Criteria

    1. Each Participant can only submit one (1) Contest Entry for the Contest. Any Contest Entry submitted on behalf of another person and/or submitted jointly by more than one (1) individual will not be accepted.
    2. Contest Entries that have been submitted for other contests or competitions (whether in Singapore or overseas), or have been used for commercial purposes and/or been published in any media will not be accepted.
    3. The Contest Entry:
      1. must be the submitting Participant's own work;
      2. must not be copied and may not feature or focus on any material owned or controlled by third parties; and
      3. must not contain any material, substance or element that is libellous, indecent, defamatory, incendiary or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate, as determined by the Organiser in its sole discretion.
    4. All Contest Entries must be submitted online through the ODPRT portal at

    Judging and Winners

    1. A panel of judges, chosen at the sole discretion of ODPRT, will select the winning entries for the 1st prize and the consolation prizes.
    2. Judging will be based on each Contest Entry's relevance to the theme and creativity.
    3. The Organiser reserves the right not to award any prize if in the Organiser's sole opinion, none of the Contest Entries meet the requirements stated herein or meet the required standard for that prize or the prizes.
    4. The winner for each prize will be announced no later than 31 July 2017 on ODPRT webpage, and winners will be notified by e-mail. Should the winner fail to respond within one (1) month of the Organiser's first e-mail notification attempt or the announcement, whichever is later, the winner shall be deemed to have forfeited his/her prize and no compensation will be given. If the winner is found to be ineligible or has not complied with the Terms and Conditions, such winner may be disqualified and an alternative winner for the prize may be selected.
    5. Regardless of whether the winner is contactable or has responded to the Organiser's notification or announcement within the stipulated time, the Organiser reserves the right to use the winning entry (name and tagline) for its intended publication.
    6. Prizes or any part thereof are non-transferable negotiable and/or not exchangeable for cash, in-kind or any other prizes.
    7. Only the winner or a person with the official authorisation letter, as provided by the Organiser, can claim the prize for and on behalf of the winner.
    8. The Organiser reserves the right to change, add or substitute the prizes or any part thereof with an alternative of equal monetary value. Prizes which are not collected within three (3) months of the Organiser’s first e-mail notification attempt, the prize shall be disposed by the Organiser as it deems fit.
    9. Winners may be interviewed by the Organiser, and all winners hereby consent to public disclosure of their names and the results of the Contest.

    Organiser's Rights

    1. The Organiser reserves the right to:
      1. verify the validity and originality of any Contest Entry and/or the eligibility of any Participant (including the Participant's identity);
      2. disqualify any Participant immediately at any stage of the Contest if the Participant or his/her Contest Entry does not comply with any of the Terms and Conditions; and
      3. cancel, terminate, suspend or extend the Contest or modify the Terms and Conditions without prior notice at its sole discretion.
    2. The Organiser's decision in all matters relating to this Contest is final and binding, and no correspondence or appeal will be entertained.

    Intellectual Property

    1. In consideration of the participation in the Contest, the Participant hereby grants the Organiser a non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, world-wide, transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, display, publish and post the Contest Entry submitted by him/her for the purpose of the Organiser's marketing, publicity and media/social media through any medium such as but not limiting to webpages, social media sites and blogs, publications and/or any other form of advertising materials or promotional communications, at no charge to the Organiser.
    2. Where the Contest Entry is a winning entry, the winner hereby irrevocably and unconditionally assigns to the Organiser all rights, titles, and interest in and to the text or any part of the Contest Entry, including copyright and all other rights in any form of intellectual property.

    General Law and Liability

    1. The Participant hereby:
      1. represents and warrants that: (i) the Contest Entry submitted by him/her is an original work created solely by him/her, not in breach of any third party rights, and does not and will not infringe the copyright or any rights of any third party; (ii) he/she is the sole copyright owner of the Contest Entry, and no other person has any right, title, claim or interest in the Contest Entry; and (iii) all information provided for the Contest are true, accurate and complete;
      2. agrees to assume all risks in respect of loss, injury, damage or liability which may arise as a result of or in connection to the Participant's participation in the Contest, and shall not hold the Organiser responsible in respect thereof except for liability which cannot be excluded by law;
      3. agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the Organiser harmless from and against any and all third party claims, actions or proceedings of any kind and from any and all damages, liabilities, costs and expenses relating to or arising out of any breach or alleged breach of any of the warranties, representations or agreements of the Participant hereunder; and
      4. agrees that the Organiser shall not be responsible or liable for any claims, losses and damages arising out of his/her participation in this Contest or any Contest-related activities and the acceptance, collection, use or possession of any prize awarded hereunder.
    2. The Participant hereby consents to his/her personal data as given in his/her contest form or otherwise obtained by the Organiser being collected, used and/or disclosed by NUS for the purposes of the Contest, particularly to enable the Organiser to administer the Contest, process his/her Contest Entry, administer the award of prizes, contact the Participant and verify his/her identity and eligibility to participate in the Contest and all other actions necessary in relation to the Contest. The Participant further consents that the Organiser may identify him/her by name.
    3. Any Participant who wishes to correct his/her personal data or withdraw consents given under Paragraph 21 above with respect to his/her personal data being used for any particular purpose shall write to ODPRT in respect of records held by or consents given to the Organiser.
    4. The Organiser shall have no liability for any Contest Entry that is lost, delayed, misdirected or otherwise not received by the Organiser for any reason.
    5. The Contest will be governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore.

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  6. Contact Information

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