As the world's energy challenges grow in complexity, cross-disciplinary and 'systems-integrated' solutions to these issues are increasingly necessary at all levels. Government ministries continue to seek solutions to the challenges of energy efficiency, energy security & energy resiliency with clear recognition of climate change issues. Industry will also seek academic collaborations in complex systems where energy concerns and constraints abound.

The NUS Energy Office was established to showcase and complement NUS' multidisciplinary / multi-faculty approach to the energy sector. Its goal is to engage the wider community such as relevant government policymakers and key stakeholders, including industry and support these entities in their quest for solutions to the global energy issues of today. As a one-stop shop for all NUS energy information such as events, collaborations and/or training, consultancies, research and publications, media requests and industry partnerships, it will be a platform that integrates scientists and expertise from all NUS disciplines to provide holistic, comprehensive and innovative solutions in energy R&D.

The NUS Energy Office also supports the NUS Integrated Sustainability Solutions Cluster in helping Singapore meet its challenge of energy resilience for sustainable growth, and facilitating energy-related R&D solutions, education and outreach in environmental sustainability.