Academic Programs

NUS offers a plethora of multi-disciplinary opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students to be engaged with the latest issues and technology related to energy. The University also works actively with government agencies, industry, and international institutions to develop training programmes to meet the current and future needs of the vibrant energy sector.

Academic Programs / Departments Degreees Offered
Architecture BA(Arch), MArch, MArch(DTS), MArch(UD), PhD(Arch), MA(UD), MA(Arch), MLA
Building BSc (PFM). MSc (BPS), MSc (ISD), MSc (PM), MSc (Building), PhD
Biological Science BSc, BSc(Hons), MSc, PhD
Bioengineering BEng, MEng, PhD
Chemistry BSc, BSc(Hons), MSc, PhD
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering BEng(ChE), MSc(ChE), PhD
Civil & Environmental Engineering BEng(Civil Engineering), BEng(Environmental Engineering), MSc(Civil Engineering), MSc(Environmental Engineering), MSc(Geotechnical Engineering), MSc (Offshore Technology), MSc(Transportation Systems and Management), MSc (Double Degree), MEng, PhD
Data Science and Analytics BSc(Hons)
Electrical and Computer Engineering BEng(Electrical Engineering), BEng(Computer Engineering), BTech(Electronics), MEng, PhD
Engineering Science Programme BEng, MSc, PhD
Environmental Studies Programme BES
Geography BA, MSocSci, MSc (Applied GIS), PhD
Industrial and Systems Engineering BEng, BTech, MSc, EMSEM, MEng, PhD
LKY School of Public Policy MPP, MPA, MPAM, MPM, PhD
Materials Science and Engineering BEng, MEng, MSc, PhD
Mechanical Engineering BEng, MEng, MSc, PhD
Physics BSc, BSc(Hons), MSc, PhD
School of Design & Environment BA(Arch), BA(ID), BSc(PFM), BSc(RE), MA (ID), MSc (Environment Management), MSc (Project Management), MSc (Integrated Sustainable Design), MUP (Master of Urban Planning)

For details of energy related modules and updates to the curriculum, please visit the NUS bulletin.