Temasek Research Fellowship (TRF)

The Temasek Research Fellowship (TRF) is a scheme aimed at recruiting outstanding young researchers with Ph.D degree in science or technology. The scheme provides young researchers an opportunity to conduct and lead research that is relevant to defence. It offers:

  • Independence to pursue a research career in Singapore
  • A 3-year flexible research grant of up to S$1 million that commensurate with the scope of work, with an option to extend up to a further 3 years,
  • Attractive and competitive remuneration.
  • Tenure-track academic appointment may be offered with the TRF award if the candidate meets the required criteria of the university. A Temasek Research Fellow should have the potential to qualify for a normal academic position at the conclusion of the Fellowship. The Fellow may apply for academic staff position at the end of the stint. (Please indicate the position applying for in the application form)

Terms and Conditions

The TRF-RF may conduct research at Temasek Laboratories or other research entities at NUS. Prospective candidates are encouraged to discuss their research proposal with the relevant Programme Managers (PM) before submission of the application.

New research focus areas may be added for subsequent years. For 2016, Fellows may lead and conduct research, and publish in these areas:

Temasek Laboratories at NUS


Outstanding scientists and researchers in the relevant discipline of science or technology from a reputable university are eligible to apply for the TRF. Candidate must possess a Ph.D degree and postdoctoral working experience. Ph.D degree must have been conferred at the point of submission of application.

Research project proposals which are already funded by other agencies or being considered for funding by other agencies are not eligible for funding under the TRF scheme. The TRF-RF shall not apply for other funding support, unless approval has been given by the TRF funding agency.

Schedule of Annual Call and Activities

The call is usually in July/ August of each year. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview in February/ March of the following year.

Date of Current / Next Call

1 July 2016

Deadline for Current / Next Call

All applications must reach the relevant NUS Faculty/School/Research Institute/Research Centre of Excellence as both hardcopies and softcopies by 23 September 2016. Contact details are available at our Research Capabilities page.

NUS Faculty/School/Research Institute/Research Centre of Excellence must forward all applications to Office of the Deputy President (Research & Technology), Attn to: Mr Eddie Goh (email:, tel:+65 6601 5550) by 26 September 2016.

Application Procedure

To apply, please complete and provide the following documents in English and submitted in PDF format unless stated otherwise. All translated documents must be duly certified:

  • Grant Endorsement Form*
  • Proposal summary listing of submissions from your Faculty/School/RIC/RCE*
  • TRF Research Fellowship Application Form
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae (including H-index, number of citations, complete publication listing indicating impact factor where possible, employment & education history, language proficiency, availability status, number of Master/Ph.D students supervised)
  • Certificates - basic and post graduate qualifications including detailed transcripts of grades/scores
  • Abstract of previous research accomplishments (list titles and references of published works, including works in process, patents, and papers presented at conferences, etc)
  • At least 3 recent international referee reports, complete with each referee's one-page Curriculum Vitae

Please use the checklist provided to ensure all required documents have been submitted. The checklist is not required to be submitted to NUS. Incomplete or late submissions will not be accepted.

*Only applicable to NUS applicants.

Applicants will be shortlisted by a TRF Review Panel, and will be invited to present their research plans, meet local researchers and identify potential collaborators in February/ March 2017. Shortlisted applicants from outside Singapore will receive an allowance to cover their travel and accommodation expenses.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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