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Workload Policy for First Two Bidding Rounds

To ensure fairness in bidding across all Faculties, a workload policy is in place in the first two rounds of bidding so that all students, regardless of which Faculty they are from, are given an equal chance in securing their choice modules during these rounds.

In this regard, the current workload policy is set at 23 MCs.

From Round 3 onwards, students can continue to bid for additional modules under the maximum workload policy as set by their individual Faculty. Students are strongly advised to seek approval from their respective Faculty if they wish to exceed the maximum workload allowed.

Here’s an example to illustrate this:

Assuming you have bid for 5 modules in the first 2 rounds, 4 of them are 4MCs modules, 1 is a 5MCs module. -> Total workload = 21 MCs, which is still within the cap of 23 MCs for the first two rounds of bidding.

If your Faculty has configured the maximum workload policy as 25 MCs, you will be allowed to bid for a 6th module in Round 3. Therefore, total workload = 25 MCs.


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