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Module Planning Using NUS Timetable Builder

Timetable BuilderThere are so many choices of modules that I would like to take. I spent numerous hours of my time mapping out my entire module-taking strategy across multiple semesters. I logged into CORS and I suddenly realised that the modules that I want have timetable clashes. What should I do? Sound familiar? If you use the NUS timetable builder, this sort of unfortunate incident can be prevented.

On a semester-by-semester basis, before the start of CORS, you can head over to NUS timetable builder to key in all the modules that you would like to take. The system will automatically provide you with a visual presentation of your timetable - starting with exam, followed by lectures and tutorials. It lets you know at one glance whether any of your modules will have timetable clashes or not.

Once you've detected that there is a clash in your module timetable, you can make adjustments in the classes you have selected and proceed to use the system to validate your timetable again. It is that useful. No more late nights worrying about your timetable clashes, you can eliminate it once and for all using this system.

At the end of using the system, you can even print out a copy of your timetable and keep it for the rest of the semester or use it for CORS bidding or tutorial balloting. How cool can it get! So head over to the timetable builder system now and try it out yourself. :)


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