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Quick Start Kit to Bidding

To help you make better choices in your bidding, you can make use of the published bidding statistics on this site. In this section, we highlight two important reports – Lecture Groups Available for Open Bidding and Bidding Statistics at the End of Open Bidding.


This report is released before the start of every bidding round. It shows you:

  1. The lecture classes that are open for bidding in the current round,

  2. Which groups of students are eligible to bid for these classes (e.g. new students only, returning students only, all students),

  3. Whether you’d have to use your Programme or General account points to bid,

  4. The quota, or number of places available, for each class. Typically, smaller quotas translate to higher bidding points required to secure the module, as students have to compete for the limited places available.


If you don’t see a class in this report, it could mean a few things:

  1. The class may only be offered in the later rounds. For example, GEM and SS modules are only open for current bidding in Round 2.

  2. The class may not be offered at all this semester. Check your faculty website for more details.

  3. The quota for this class has run out. Once all the places for a class have been filled, it will no longer be offered for current bidding. Quota may become available in later rounds if students who have acquired the class drop it.
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This report is released in every bidding round, just after the round switches from open to closed bidding. It shows you:

  1. The bidding statistics thus far for each class – the number of bidders, the next minimum bid to secure the module (at that point in time), the lowest and highest bids;

  2. Popularity indicators for each class:
    H: High popularity, where the number of bidders >= quota.
    VH: Very high popularity, where the number of bidders >= quota, and the next minimum bid to secure the module > 200 points.


If the statistics show a high demand for a certain class you’re bidding for, you may want to consider switching to a class with lower demand that is less expensive. If you decide to stick to your current choice, you may want to consider raising your bid for a more secure position. However, do remember to spend your points wisely, making sure you have enough to spend on other modules.


Use the data in these two reports to your advantage, and happy bidding!

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