Note: Photographs and video footage may be taken by NUS at this event and be used for NUS’ archival, communications and promotional purposes. Photographs, video footage and contact information may also be taken at this event by permitted vendors carrying identification issued by NUS.


Dress Code

The dress code for the event is "shirt and tie".

Listing of Graduates

In support of the campus-wide initiative to promote environmental sustainability, the listing of all graduates and awards will be published solely in an electronic format which will be available for the duration of Commencement only. Click here to view the Graduate Listings.


Guests are advised to arrive at the University Cultural Center (UCC) at least one hour prior to the official start time of the ceremony.

Information on the venue (e.g. address, directions, parking, etc.) is available here.

Please refrain from bringing bulky bags/items to the event as there may not be enough storage space available. Please note that bags may be checked by NUS Campus Security for security purposes.

Guests with Mobility Challenges

Guests with mobility challenges (e.g. in wheelchairs, having to use walking sticks or crutches) arriving by taxi or car should alight at the Main Entrance of UCC.

Guests in wheelchairs and their companions will be guided by the UCC ushers to specially designated seating sections in the UCC Hall.

Guests with walking difficulties will also be assisted by the UCC ushers to seats where minimal climbing of stairs is required.

Seating Information

Please note the following:

  • The UCC Hall will be opened for seating one hour before the ceremony start time.
  • All members of your party are must be present before entering the hall as no reservation of seats is allowed. Seating is based on first-come-first-served basis.
  • Guest Invitation Cards are required for admission - one card admits one person.
  • Guests with general Guest Invitation Cards should proceed to Door 4 for entry into the UCC Hall. Those holding Reserved Seating Invitation Cards should proceed to Door 1 for entry.
  • To ensure that the ceremony can start on time, all guests are required to be seated in the UCC Hall at least 20 minutes before the ceremony start time. The doors will be closed after the ceremony has officially started; latecomers will not be allowed to enter the hall then.
  • Out of courtesy to other guests, children below the age of six will not be admitted to the ceremony. Guests with children below six years of age may proceed to the Atrium at level 1 of UCC to watch the live webcast of the ceremony. Children in the viewing area must be accompanied by an adult. Seats in the Atrium are free seating and are available based on a first-come, first-served basis.

During the Ceremony

As the Commencement ceremony is a solemn event, guests are requested to remain seated throughout the ceremony. During the ceremony, guests should not be moving around in the hall to take photographs so as not to interrupt the flow of graduates going to the stage and returning to their seats. Official photographers are engaged to take close-up stage photographs of graduates. Graduates can order these stage photographs from the official photographer.

End of Ceremony

After the ceremonial recession, please wait for the Academic Procession and graduates to take their leave before you leave the hall. You are cordially invited to light refreshments at the foyer and to mingle with the graduates.