Invitation Package

Important Note:
Following NUS President’s Letter on 6 May 2020 regarding the postponement of Commencement 2020 to January 2021, we are currently updating this page. Please check back later for the updates.

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy everyone!


Items in Invitation Package

Each graduate who has registered to attend Commencement will receive an Invitation Package (IP). The Invitation Package consists of the following items:

  • Guest Invitation Cards

    Two general Guest Invitation Cards for the respective ceremony. For details on Guest Invitation Cards, please click here.

    Hand these invitation cards to your guests for entry into the UCC Hall.

  • Important Information for Graduates

    Please read the information leaflet before you come for the ceremony.

Collection of Invitation Package

The Invitation Package will be issued by the Official Academic Dress vendor, Serangoon Broadway. It will be ready for collection from 26 June 2020 onwards. Please refer to the table below on the collection details:

Date Venue for Collection
26 Jun to 5 Jul Serangoon Broadway
9 to 16 Jul University Cultural Centre (Graduate Robing Room)

The opening hours for collection at the different venues are as follows:

Serangoon Broadway
1365 Serangoon Rd
Singapore 328244
Tuesdays - Sundays 10.00am to 9.00pm
Mondays Closed
University Cultural Centre (Graduate Robing Room) 11 to 18 Jul (Thu - Thu) 8.30am to 9.30pm*
*Please avoid the ceremony hours of 10am – 12pm, 2.30 – 4.30pm, and 7– 9pm.

If you are unable to collect the Invitation Package personally, please click here for more options.


Information on Guest Invitation Cards

Guest Invitation Cards are essential as entry passes to the Commencement celebrations. One invitation card admits one person into the UCC Hall.

The entitlement to Invitation Cards is as follows:

Each Graduate 2 General Guest Invitation Cards
Each Valedictorian 4 Reserved Seating Invitation Cards
Each Award Winner 2 Reserved Seating Invitation Cards
Valedictorians who are also Award Winners 4 Reserved Seating Invitation cards (not 4+2 Cards)

We regret that we are unable to issue replacement cards if the Guest Invitation Cards are misplaced or lost. Hence, please keep them safely.

Request for Additional Guest Invitation Card(s)

Most ceremonies will not have spare seats. However, you may submit your request for additional invitation cards during your online registration of attendance. Issuance of additional invitation cards (if any) depends on availability of seats at that particular ceremony and allocation is by balloting. We regret to inform that we are unable to accede to every graduate's request.

Except for the Main Ceremony, guests without invitation cards into the hall may proceed to the Atrium at level 1 of the University Cultural Centre to view the live webcast of the ceremony. Seats in the Atrium are free seating and are available based on a first-come, first-served basis.

Alternatively, you may also view the live webcasts of all ceremonies via the Commencement website using laptops or mobile devices.


Outcome of your Request for Additional Guest Invitation Card(s)

You may check the outcome of your request for additional guest invitation card(s) via myEduRec (Academics > Commencement Registration) from 16 June 2020  onwards. We regret that the ballot outcome of additional cards is final and we are unable to accede to any appeals.

If you are successful in your request for additional card(s), the additional card(s) will also be included in your Invitation Package.


Donating Your Guest Invitation Cards

In the event that you do not need to utilise any of the Guest Invitation Cards given, we would appreciate it if you would deposit these unutilised cards at the Information Counter on the day of the ceremony upon your arrival at UCC.

We will distribute these invitation cards to guests who do not have invitation cards for admission to the UCC Hall on a first-come, first-served basis.


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