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How To Use Voting Buttons

Outlook provide the voting feature. This allow for request and tally of responses to a multiple-choice question you send in a message. The voting notifications will be consolidated in the original sent message.

Compose a new message. To set voting, click Options in the message.

A list of default voting options will be displayed. You can customized your voting options by typing in the multiple-choice options separated by semi-colon. E.g.


Complete the message and send it out.

The recipient will see the following mail. The voting buttons will appear on top of the mail. The recipient just need to click on one of the buttons to indicate his/her choice.

To tabulate the result, open up the saved mail in the Sent Items folder. Click on the Tracking tab.

This page will show a tabulation of the responses obtain. The summary of the result is reflected on the top.