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How To Update Distribution List Members

In the event that you need to add or remove person(s) from a distribution list, you may perform it via any of the 2 methods below.

Update via Outlook

  1. In the main Outlook Window, click on the Address Book icon and search for the distribution list in concern.
  2. Double-click on the distribution list.
  3. Click on Modify Members...

  4. To remove a member, select the appropriate name and click on Remove. To add a member, select Add... and select the appropriate names from the Global Address List.

Update via Windows Search

  1. In Windows Vista, Click on Start, Network
  2. Click on Search Active Directory.
  3. Enter the name of the distribution list to search for and click on Find now.

  4. After the distribution list is found, double-click on the group to bring up its properties.
  5. You can then Add or Remove members from the group accordingly.